NasirCup 2D Soccer Simulation League Competition

First series of robocup soccer simulation league hosted by K.N.T.U

RoboCup Introduction

RoboCup also known as Robot’s WorldCup is an international project for developing Artificial Intelligence , Robotics and other relevant aspects. RoboCup federation is intended to introduce a standard contest that its widespread domain invites all available technologies to get involved and compete in order to grow Artificial Intelligence researches and also intelligent Robots. RoboCup chose Soccer to make innovations in serious social and industrial affairs as the main goal of its researches. The final RoboCup’s objective is construction of a totally intelligent team of humanoids which defeats the human fifa WorldCup winner in 2050. Such a variety of technologies including , fundamentals of automatic operators’s design ,multi operative coordination , use of strategy and analysis and reasoning of real time , have to be involved to enable a team of robots to play soccer. RorboCup is a place for examining of a speedy intelligent team of robots in a dynamic environment. RoboCup has also provided a basis to research on its own software aspects.

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About Competition

In the 2D Simulation League, two teams of eleven autonomous software programs (called agents) each play soccer in a two-dimensional virtual soccer stadium represented by a central server, called SoccerServer. This server knows everything about the game, i.e. the current position of all players and the ball, the physics and so on. The game further relies on the communication between the server and each agent. On the one hand each player receives relative and noisy input of his virtual sensors (visual, acoustic and physical) and may on the other hand perform some basic commands (like dashing, turning or kicking) in order to influence its environment. The big challenge in the Simulation League is to conclude from all possible world states (derived from the sensor input by calculating a sight on the world as absolute and noise-free as possible) to the best possible action to execute. As a game is divided into 6000 cycles this task has to be accomplished in time slot of 100 ms (the length of each cycle).

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Focus on 2D Soccer Simulation

Over the last couple of years a number of robotic competitions have taken place domestically but few of these have even hosted 2D Soccer Simulation let alone focus on it, and most of them have been held at places other than Tehran. Therefore they have not allowed most domestic and international competitors to take part. NasirCup aims to overcome this obstacle and improve this league among students both locally and internationally by focusing on just 2D Soccer Simulation.

An experienced technical committee

All members of our technical committee are former/ongoing participants of both domestic and international competitions and some have experience being on T.Cs for these competitions.

A Challenge in A.I. Field

By relying solely on software, this league provides a good platform for developing A.I. algorithms, deep learning, experimenting with multi-agent systems and so on. As so this competition is an opportunity to challenge participants in the field of A.I.

Technical Comittee

  • Nader Zare

    Nader Zare

    RoboCup2015 5th place & RoboCup2017 4th place

  • Ashkan Keshavarz

    Ashkan Keshavarz

    RoboCup2015 5th place

  • Mohsen Sadeghpor

    Mohsen Sadeghpor

    Former member of iran open technical committee